Patient Forms

Completed forms are required for new patient visits and annually thereafter or whenever there are any changes in the patient's information. You can find the required forms here.


After Hours Care

An after-hours fee is charged for all appointments scheduled after 4:45 pm Monday through Friday, and all weekend and holiday visits.

This will be billed to your insurance company and may result in some patient payment responsibility.


Patient Centered Appointment Access Policy

It is the policy of Dover Pediatrics, PLLC to consider the preference of patients, families and caregivers regarding appointment access; in addition to accommodating same-day appointment requests whenever possible.  

It is the policy of Dover Pediatrics, PLLC to accommodate new and established patients with routine needs within five (5) days, and patients with urgent needs on a same-day basis.  Patients who communicate with the practice after 5:00 pm may be scheduled with the provider on-call if the nature of the call warrants an appointment that can't wait until morning, or accommodated the following day if they prefer.

We are also available on Saturday and Sunday mornings to see same-day patients.  Our phones are open at 8:00 AM on weekends and holidays.  As always, we have an answering service when we are not in the office to receive your call.  The answering service will contact one of our pediatricians for calls requiring urgent attention.


Yearly Exams

We follow the AAP guidelines for physical exams and immunizations. Our providers recommend exams at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, and one as 30 months of age. We advise you to check your policy regarding plan coverage for 30 month well child exams.

Beginning at age 3 (36 months) our providers recommend yearly exams through college. Yearly exam appointments are scheduled up to 3 months in advance. We recommend advanced scheduling if possible for routine visits.


Our Scheduling Staff

Scheduling Staff