Coronavirus and Dover Pediatrics: due to the risk of viral spread, we are limiting patients that are being seen in the office. 

At this time we are continuing to see babies under 2-years-old. Well-visits for patients over the age of 2 are being rescheduled through the end of April. If you have any specific concerns, about your child’s health when you are rescheduling your follow-up appointment you can schedule a telemedicine visit. Please note per the governor’s order, telemedicine visits may be covered without copays, deductibles, or coinsurance at this time.

When making telemedicine, please follow these steps: When you call the Office and you will be transferred to one of our medical assistants, who will schedule a telemedicine visit for you if needed. They will give an appointment time and a URL for the Provider your will be seeing. Please try to weigh your child and check their temperature before the visit.

If we determine during the telemedicine visit that your child needs to be seen, you will be asked to go to the Dover office. We ask that you limit the number of family members with you to as few as possible.

Please note that if your child (or anyone coming to the appointment with your child) has fever, cough, sore throat, or other cold symptoms, you will be asked to go to Suite 4 on the right. Only if your entire party is healthy, you can go to Suite 5. We may ask you to wait in the car until your room is ready.

Lastly, please call ahead if you need to pick up a prescription, lab slip, or other paperwork. We are currently not be accepting walk in appointments.

We are continuing to assess the situation and will update our protocols as needed in order to do our best to keep our patients safe and healthy!